Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pop-up beauty stores in Europe are quite a hit.

We are blessed to have a fabulous Sweetsation Therapy ambassador in Hungary, Agnes. A few weeks ago in conversation with her I've learned that our Sweetsation Therapy products will be exhibited and sold in one of the pop-up temporary beauty stores, that are growing in popularity across Europe. Ha, who knew? This time it was to happen in Budapest. This was something new to me but intriguing indeed. 

 So, what is it, a pop-up beauty store? They get organized by a small beauty enthusiasts for the purpose of introducing new and little known brands from all over the world, to a local public. They rent a relatively small retail area on a busy street and showroom various types of organic and natural health and beauty products, introducing them to local customers. The design is simple and clear and all the products are easily accessible to visitors. And there are a lot to choose from.

They sell many brands already well known and many more that are seeking their recognition on worldly market. From what Agnes told, Sweetsation Therapy has been quite a success so far, and they have sold out of quite a few products, in those few days the store was up. Many people came back to make their purchases, after receiving samples the previous day. The organizers themselves have become an avid fans after trying the LaNouvel Cellular Hyaluronic acid Nutri Serum and the Very*Berry Organic Oxygen Masque & Scrub. They recommend Sweetsation products to the people coming in, and also mentioned that customers seemed to be drawn to them by some kind of magic too, even though there are  many other bottles and jars on the tables. :-) Maybe it's the inviting green labels? That remains to be unknown.

They had a cosmetician there to help customers with their choices and she loved the products also, for their top notch pure ingredients, performance and therapeutic qualities. There is a good chance that she will carry Sweetsation Therapy products at her salon. 
That was a great adventure in Budapest.