Friday, October 16, 2009

Sweetsation Therapy Products Review by BlessedBarnharts

Most women nowadays are becoming more and more choosy about what they put on there bodies as well as their children's. When I was pregnant I wanted to only put the most natural products on my skin and that has carried on with me. I try to only use natural ingredients on my boys as well as me. I figure if my skin cells are going to be absorbing all sorts of ingredients why not make them be good for you?

Sweetsations has all the products a woman needs to help her feel safe about what she puts on her body. The products are also really great for women of any age. They aren't just all natural lotions. They have everything you need for an entire skin routine as well as anti- aging products. Night creams, baby products, and even organic baby carriers!

Sweetsation Therapy was born in 2008, with the collaboration of two of the USA based labs and a team of chemists, aromatherapists and dermatologists. Our products are Organic and natural treatments that look great, feel great and smell great, and therefore make you feel good. We've combined the best gifts of earth and ocean in our skin care. Aromatherapy elements nourish your body and soul. And most importantly our products are safe for mom and baby. Did you know that everything that is applied on our skin, the largest organ, ultimately ends up in your bloodstream? Consequently, we pass it on to our developing baby. .Each ingredient was thoroughly researched and checked against Cosmetic Safety Database and verified, that it's safe to use for pregnancy while delivering desirable results.

For review I received two amazing items. The first is the Organic Aqua*Tica Botanical Night Cream. I love it. This stuff has real caviar extract! How luxurious is that? I love all the moisture it gives my skin before bedtime. Especially since winter is here and my skin is all dried up.

The other item I tried is the Organic Ellasti*Body Hydrating Caviar Butter. This stuff really rocks! It has all the vitamins and minerals and essential Omega fatty acids that my body needs along with essential oils that smell so great! It has a really nice citrus scent to it and helps lock in the moisture after a warm bath.
Sweetsation Therapy has so many cool items you have to check them out for yourself. To view the entire line please visit

Saturday, October 3, 2009

How much do you trust Johnson & Johnson advertising ?

I've seen Johnson's advertising on TV numerous times. Oh, and it looks so good, warm and cozy. So fluffy and safe......supposedly. Everyone would want to buy it, right? Wrong. Just do your homework and see what's really is in your baby products that advertised to be so safe and comforting. I don't know how about you, but after I did my research it made my blood boil.

The newest Johnson's product: Johnson's Baby Bubble Bath and Wash.

The ad begins with: JOHNSON'S® Baby Bubble Bath & Wash is clinically proven to be gentle enough for baby girls and boys starting as young as 6 months.

Then goes the caution: Use only as directed. Excessive use or prolonged exposure may cause irritation to skin and urinary tract. Discontinue use if rash, redness or itching occurs. Consult your physician if irritation persists. Keep out of reach of children, except under adult supervision.

The ad contradicts itself. Moving further there is an ingredients deck. Running through the ingredients I see quite a few toxic ingredients that are known carcinogens. Let's see how they rate on Skin Deep. (posted next to the each ingredient)

Water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine (5), PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate (6-9), Sodium Trideceth Sulfate (0), Acrylates Copolymer(3), Glycerin(2), Disodium Lauroamphodiacetate(0), Phenoxyethanol(4), Glycol Distearate(1), Fragrance(8), Tetrasodium EDTA(1-4), Laureth-4(3), Methylparaben(8), Propylparaben(4), Polyquaternium-7(2)
May also contain: Sodium Hydroxide(3) (???) Strange that they are not sure whether this ingredient present in the product or not.

It's infuriating that they represent this product (and a lot of others) as safe and gentle when in fact it's quite the opposite. It contains the ingredients (parabens, fragrance aka phthalates) that informed consumer knows are not safe at all, especially for a baby. Which brings me to the conclusion that Johnson & Johnson lies to it's customers presuming that they are stupid.

Friday, October 2, 2009

100 Things I would do for my baby.

Having a baby has changed my life entirely. I haven't been a selfish person, I think, but motherhood makes you totally selfless. I was thinking the other day about things I would do for my baby, things that are essential, things that would help him to grow strong, smart and independent, things that may be considered as a small sacrifice ... I hope I will try to come up with 100 things and pieces of wisdom. Right now he is 1 year old so my list will go as he grows.....

Feel free to add your own:

1. I would be OK with a lack of sleep to satisfy my baby's needs.
2. I would try to get the healthiest Organic food.
3. I would research all the skin care ingredients. Well, that's solved since I've created my own line for babies.
4. I would feed my baby first even if the whole family remains hungry, waiting.
5. I would buy him a new toy instead of something new for myself.
6. I would stay awake when my baby is sick and check on him every other minute.
7. I would watch him sleep and consider it time well spent.
8. I would watch his baby shows on TV endlessly even if I am bored to tears.
9. I would let him unroll the whole roll of toilet paper, just for fun.
10. I would lock-up all the cabinets and actually duck tape the ones that can not be locked, for safety.
11. I would drop everything I am doing and pick him up if he wants to be held.
12. I would wipe his little runny nose as often as needed.
13. And I would kiss that little nose to get better, even if I get his snots all over me.
14. I would put his socks back on him 100 times, after he takes them off again.
15. I would read him a book even when I rather do something else.
16. I would take time to prepare him a healthy meals instead of feeding him junk.
17. I would try to identify his talents and support them.
18. I would walk with him hand in hand, even if he walks very slow.
19. I would work harder to provide him better education.
20. I would teach him from the early age how to think like a business person.
21. I would teach him that nothing in life is for free.
22. I would teach him that trust has to be earned.
23. I would sit and teach him to draw even though I can not draw a stick figure myself.
24. I would teach him to swim.
25. I would teach him self-discipline and self-defense through martial arts.
26. I would teach him that women are to be respected at all times.
27. I would attend his football practice instead of going shopping.
28. I would be the biggest cheer-leader of everything he does.
29. I would encourage with praise instead of criticizing.
30. I would try not to get mad for minor screw-ups. Remembering that I was the same.
31. I would teach him that drugs are bad and only destroy lives.
32. I would teach him to be creative and inventive.
33. I would teach him that the world is not always a kind place.
34. I would play with him "hide and seek".
35. I would take time to answer his questions, no matter how silly they are.
36. I would teach him that keeping his room clean is important, and actually try to come up with the reason why.
37. I would teach him that cursing is not cool.
38. I would teach him that good grades in school pay off in the end.
39. I would teach him that good brains would take him further in life then good looks.
40. I would teach him that good brains and good looks would take him further, then in #39.
41. I would teach him that staying healthy and fit is important.
42. I would teach him that building confidence is 50% of success.
43. I would tech him that communication can resolve any issue.
44. I would teach him that it's OK to ask for help.
45. I would teach him that asking stupid questions is OK, because there is no such a thing as stupid question.
46. I would teach him that gossiping is a waste of time.
47. I would teach him that if he wants something he never had, he would have to do something he's never done. And that does not involve crime.
48. I would tech him that crime does not pay.
49. I would teach him that excessive drinking is not cool. And drinking and driving is off charts. And if I ever catch him doing it, there will be consequences.
50. I would tech him that live is not always an easy adventure. And that's just the way it is for everyone.
51. I would teach him that suicide is a permanent solution for temporary problem. And that's not an option, under no circumstances.
52. I would teach him that there are no situations that don't have a way out.
53. I would tech him that he has to love himself first before expecting someone else to love him.
54. I would teach him that in the moments of disagreements it's important not what you say but how you say it.
55. I would respect the choices he makes, even if I am not entirely on the same page.
56. I would try my best to get along with his girlfriends.
57. I would accept that his opinions may not match mine.
58. I would tell him that only white lies are OK and only to save someone from being hurt.
59. I would teach him that it's not cool to go after your friend's girlfriend. It never works.
60. I would teach him that you can not build happiness on someone else's unhappiness.
61. I would teach him that visualization and affirmations work.
62. I would teach him to dream big.
63. I would teach him not to be shy to ask for help.
64. I would teach him to help others even if he wouldn't get rewarded for that directly.
65. I would teach him that there will be dark days when everything seems like doom and gloom. But it always temporarily.
66. I would always make it clear that he can come to me with the most embarrassing/ scary/ difficult issue and I will always have his back.
67. I would assure him that I will always love him unconditionally. And sometimes it would be a tough love.
68. I would tell him that there will be times when it will seem like everyone is against him. But in reality it will be only in his own head.
69. I would always advice fairly when it comes to girls, but will let him make his own decisions.
70. I would not let him play computer games, it's a waste of time.
71. I would not let him eat fast food too much.
72. I would tell him that it's the best to learn from someone else's mistakes, but there will be times when to make your own mistakes is necessary.
73. I would tell him that in order to be happy there should be a balance between love, health and money. If one component is missing partially or entirely, it's harder to feel happy.
74. I would teach him that money is not everything. And not to sacrifice everything for the money.
75. I would teach him that happiness in marriage lays through diplomacy and respect.
76. I would teach him that cheating is not cool and hardly anyone gets away with it.
77. I would teach him to respect the elderly, as nobody escaped an old age yet.
78. I would teach him how to be a good father and a husband.
79. I would teach him how to help his wife arounf the house. In history there was no cases when a wife attacked her husband while washing dishes.
80. I would be a good grandma to his children. And will spoil them rotten.
81. I would teach him that it doesn't matter how important his job is, his family should always come first.
82. I would tell him that even if his marriage falls apart, it's OK. It happens often these days. It's better to give a love another shot, then live in a loveless marriage.
83. I would tell him that there is a soul-mate for all of us and sometimes it takes a few shots to find them.
84. I would teach him to appreciate his friends, as real friends can not be many.
85. I would teach him that as much as sometimes he might think that his parents are stupid, later in life he will realize that it was quite the opposite.
86. I would tell him that as time goes by he will love his parents more and more as they grow older.
87. I would tell him that one day he will lose his parents and that's when he will miss them the the most.
88. I would teach him to be the best man that he can be so he is not sorry when he is old.
89. I would teach him to think before acting, and not act on impulse.
90. I would teach him not to rely on someone else, but on himself.
91. I would teach him to be smart with money and save.
92. I would teach him how not to get in debt.
93. I would teach him to be protective of people he loves.
94. I would teach him that everything in life has to be earned.
95. I would teach him to be proactive and brave.
96. I would teach him to have goals and go after them.
97. I would teach him not to fear fear, as limitations are only in his own head.
98. I would encourage him to be himself and never pretend to be like someone else.
99. I would tell him that it doesn't matter how old he is, he will ALWAYS be my baby.
100. And last, but not least. I would sacrifice my life for my baby. Without hesitation.

Oh, I think I could go on, it feels like I just went through my life already.
But I am happy that my baby is just a little happy 1 year old, and I am yet to tell him all those things. Just hope not to miss a thing...