Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Baby Bum*Bum Pampering Treatments

Sweetsation Therapy has just released with excitement new Baby skin care treatments:

Baby Sweet Kisses "Chamomile Bum*Bum Balm" and
"Chamomile Chub*Stick with Zinc" Diaper Ointments.

Soothing, calming and healing properties of vitamin E, Chamomile, Lavender and Zinc make these a wonderful all purpose diaper ointments. Pamper with it your baby's sensitive skin and avoid and/or cure diaper rash. New Stick delivery system allows hands free convenient application, keeping your hands clean. Both ointments have a pleasant Chamomile aroma. Your baby's bum is worth it :-)

Thank you for choosing me

There is no words to describe the feeling of being a mom. You just have to be one. Before I had my baby, I have to be honest, I didn't care for children all that much. I was more interested in puppies and kittens. And couldn't understand why my friends who are parents can keep bragging about their kids for hours with such an excitement. How someone can talk for hours about poop, puke and diapers. I just couldn't figure out why to them it was so interesting to waste hours of conversations...... till I had my little one myself. Overnight I've joined a cult of proud poopy-puke speakers. And it didn't cross my mind that I was a different person just a few days ago. Transformation was just so natural. And, yes, there were a moments when I wanted to apologize to my friends for not paying too much attention to their stories before. I instantly knew how it felt. There is something has changed within myself. I cry really easily, I take it personal when any child is hurt and want to go above and beyond to make a child happy.

Now my baby is growing and brings discoveries every day. And I'm sure, I grow with him too, but in some strange way. I feel how to be a child again. His every little smile is like a million dollar present to me. Sometimes I try to think the way he thinks (if that's possible, he is only 4 months old) and see deeper into things, notice bugs in the grass and sun, blue sky and flowers. Every little thing becomes fascinating. I try to slow down and learn around myself once again, like with the eyes of my child. Learn about him, learn about myself, learn about the world. I never stop to wonder what a miracle it really is - to have a baby. We make many important decisions on daily basis, but when it comes to having a baby it's not up to us at all. We don't choose whether we will have a boy or a girl, we don't choose who it's going to look like, we don't choose when exactly it's going to happen, if happen at all. The all-knowing power that's above us decides everything for us. Not sure how to call it, magic or science. I like word Magic better. Before I had my baby, I thought that I can't have children due to miscarriage earlier, but Magic has happened when I've given up hoping. So, yes, it is Magic.

I've heard before that our children "Choose" us as parents before they are born. Can't quite recall the source of this information but it did catch my attention. Someone developed this theory that on karmic level or reincarnation level our children choose us as their parents before they are born, hence the soul is eternal. That's why a lot of parents can't have children when they decide to..... because it's not their time. Well, one way or another, whether it is true or not, every time I look into my son's eyes it crosses my mind. He's chosen ME. As imperfect as I am, perhaps not the prettiest or smartest, and definitely not the richest, he's chosen ME, to be his mom. And for that I am forever grateful. Thank you baby, I will not let you down...

Your mommy xoxoxo

PS: My Baby skin care line "Baby Sweet Kisses" is designanted to my baby and all the miracle babies in the world. More and more products will be added soon.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

New invention Clip'n'Sleep Bling Sling

Wearing My “Clip'n'Sleep” sling began while running around in my Florida condo, between my drawing board of inventor-designer multitasker new mom and my crying newborn son. After I discovered that I can not accomplish both tasks at the same time to the blissful satisfactory of both, I’ve searched the internet and purchased quite pricey sling from one of the sling designers. (Oh yes, I like pretty and sometimes expensive things… and my baby is worth it.) Part of the problem was solved. I had free hands and my little man was blissfully and happily sleeping by my heart. It was like magic touch, he was falling asleep in it literally 2 minutes after getting in it. What a great invention of humanity, I thought….. till I faced a problem. How do I get a sleeping baby out of the tight sling without waking him up??? That was not possible. He would wake up every time and I would have to put him right back in to avoid any crying moments. There was a flaw in the design which I was determined to solve. And I did!!!
That’s how Clip'n'Sleep Couture Bling Bling Sling was born. Yes, it's a little wordy, but truly it involves all that. It's a beautiful functional and practical design, a fashion item and an accesory adorned with Swarovski Crystals, and even your Baby's Name and footprints. It's a keepsake after all. It’s design involves a couple of heavy duty but luxury looking snap-rings that could be click-open and sling can be detached and taken off without yanking the baby out and waking him up. It takes one hand to take the sling off and relocate the baby to his/her bed still having a portion of the sling around him surving as a blanket. I’ve tested it numerous times and IT WORKS!!! Voila!!!
Being a fashionista myself, I wanted it to look beautiful too, so my slings are made from luxury and soft, naturaly shiny, Dupioni Silk in various beautiful colors as well as can be customized, as I mentioned, with YOUR baby’s name on it, YOUR baby’s foot prints and Swarovski Crystals. Anything else you can add to the pure luxury??? Let me know.
Each sling has matching attachable to the sling little pouch, where you can put your cell phone, keys, pacifier, diaper or anything else you might need. It also can be customized. You can order it separately if you wish to.

Some of my friends got lucky to receive the Clip'n'Sleep sling as a gift and it instantly became a hit. That’s how Clip'n'Sleep sling was added to my Sweetsation Therapy line of luxury products.

Other moms who saw the sling started asking where they could get one. Today Clip'n'Sleep slings are found online and in a growing number of stores all over the country.

Patent Pending
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Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Just Another Company

Just a few weeks left to go till Christmas and we are very excited about it. But what we are even more excited about, is the birth of our company Sweetsation Therapy and our baby son Dylan. He is our inspiration to start this company all together. Oh, well, and a little push from Donny Deutsch from Big Idea. We have to give him some credit too for his awesomeness.

It's been a long road and a very exciting one. A lot of learning in the process and a lot of gratification. Bringing a totally new product to the market is a very exciting process.

OK, now let me introduce myself as an owner of the company. My name is Natalja Millsap and I am just a girl who likes everything top of the line. But not top of the line prices. And since I am not born in Trump family I have to find a way to combine high quality and low prices at the same time. Even being pregnant for 9 months I never left the house without wearing my jewelry and high heels and manage to make those ugly maternity clothes look decent to the best to it's ability. So how did I get this idea to start Mommy and Baby skin care and accessory company? Honestly, I wasn't agonizing over it for too long and I have to say that the idea was born soon after I lathered my usual night cream on my face before going to bed. At that point I believe I was 3 months along. It was one of those high end-smell good creams that do all the miracles in the world to your face......and perhaps all over your body - invisibly. Next morning I've received a usual email that notify me every week what to look for and what to expect as your pregnancy progresses. And in that email, there was a little discussion going on about the ingredients in face and body products that may harm the fetus inside you to the point of deformities and brain damage. In state of panic I zoomed to the bathroom and frantically started reading all the labels of all the large arsenal of creams and lotions I was religiously putting on myself daily. Needless to say but all of them contained a "no-no" ingredients I've just red about, including a major 'no-no' like Retinol and Fragrance aka phthalate. Being in cosmetic industry for 20 years I couldn't figure out WHY I never thought of this issue before. I suppose, I don't have to mention that state of panic was following me everywhere till the end of my pregnancy. That very morning I've decided to create my own skin care company that will manufacture everything that pregnant mama may need to take care of her skin and therefore unborn baby.

With colaboration of one USA based labs my line of Sweetsation Therapy was born. It is an Organic treatments that look great and smell great with a little help of aromatherapy (achieved with natural oils) and therefore make you feel good. And the most inportant - SAFE. Mentioning again that I like the best things in life for a fraction of the price I thought that it would be a great idea to share it with other mommies. I spent endless hours researching chemistry and ingredients, oils and herbs.... and other companies, that claim that their products are safe...... yeah right. Especially the big ones are the biggest offenders. Huh, who knew? Combining all the new gained knowledge with exsisting one I've designed the best treatments that the human being can have. And I stand behind my words 110%. Most, if not all of my products contain Extract of Caviar, an essence of all beginnings, rich in vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B6 and micro-elements Co, Cu, P, Si, Zn as well as amino acids. Another star - Ganoderma Lucidum and Sea Kelp. Need I say more? All of these high potent ingredients, that boost moisture and elasticity happily live in my products, all at the same time. To continue pushing my envelope to achieve the best of the best I decided to add 30+ elasticity boosting oils and extracts to the same formula. The result Ellasti*Belly Stretch Mark Miracle Caviar and Oil. Both can be used on their own or combined. I could brag about it forever, but without trying it would be just blah, blah, blah... That's why samples are available upon request.
Oh, how could I forget to mention, no stretch marks for me.......only where the cream was applied!!!!!

Have a super day!!!