Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Mother Letter Project

I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to blog about this. Few days ago I've run across this project called "The Mother Letter". It is started by a wonderful and very thoughtful husband who wants to give his wife a very special present for Christmas... letters from other mothers to the mothers. Letters with the words of encouragement, support, hopes, happy or sad stories. I've contribured my story too, how could I not to. Huge response from mothers around the country just proves what a massive power we are. I think it's such a wonderful idea and very unique gift. It takes a very sensitive and thoughtful man to come up with this. And I am sure his wife is a very special lady. I really would like to know her reaction when she receives this present on Christmas day. I bet she will need a box of Kleenex...
For those who would like to participate, here is the link. You still have a time

Based on this idea, I am getting inspired to create a similar project designanted to our babies. No matter how old they are, they are always our baies. How about "The Letter to my Baby".... Just imagine your baby when he is just born. You would like to say so many things to him or her. But it will take some time for them to start understanding what you're saying. So all the thoughts would be lost and forgotten. Just imagine how great it would be, if you give them a letter or a few, let's say on their 18th birthday with all the things you wanted to tell them when they were babies.
Please post your thoughts :-)


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  1. I really like your letter to child idea. Keep thinking on that one.


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