Friday, April 10, 2009

Rancid Organic Skin Care

There is something quite interesting that was called to my attention recently. I was shopping around and came across one cosmetic brand that offers for sale Organic baby skin care products. What I've found strange is that the products smelled somewhat strange. It was very reputable brand and my competitor and it rated very well on Skin Deep when it comes to toxicity of the ingredients used. This brand claims to not use preservatives, which according to them makes their products better then the ones that do contain preservatives. I was confused and contacted my chemist/formulator of the Lab I am working with to clarify whether this claim is really true by the sound of it. She explained to me that all products need a small amount of preservatives in order to preserve freshness and potency of the product. And Organic products need it even more. We all know that non Organic fruits and vegetables in the store have waxy coating therefore it keeps them fresh looking for very long time. And pure untreated Organic fruits have to be consumed much quicker or they go bad. Same thing applies to Organic ingredients, especially oils. They go bad much faster without preservative. She also told me that 100% of Certified Organic products currently on market are rancid and rancid oils are far more dangerous to the skin then any preservative. We, at Sweetsation Therapy, are using flower extract food grade preservative Phenoxyethanol in our products at half %.
Most of the products sit on the shelves of stores longer then 3 weeks which is life expectancy of non preserved natural skin care, so before you buy anything just because it's Organic and Natural, smell it. Better safe then sorry.

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