Sunday, January 24, 2010

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Anything special planned?

If you have a Valentine and even if you don't, we have something special just for you. Sweetsation Therapy has developed three, limited edition, absolutely and totally luxury products that will make your senses tickle and soul scream for more. Perfect gift for your loved one or just for yourself, also loved one. So if you have a special someone you can enjoy it together, and if you don't - who cares. You can be your own Valentine and you will like it quite a bit. I am thrilled to unveil......

V Decadence Organic Chocolate Body Polisher

This product is for Valentine's Day only and is Limited Edition. Pure luxury and decadent treatment for the most discriminating of tastes. Chocolate Decadence has been formulated with fine grind sugar granules and a host of therapeutic ingredients to stimulate your body and mind. Sunflower oil, Kukui nut, Macadamia, rich in Vitamins A,C, D, E and antioxidants penetrate into the deepest skin layers, while creating a protective shield that locks in moisture and delivers nutrients, regenerate the skin to make it velvet soft and smooth. Concentrated blend of Cocoa powder, cocoa absolute and Vanilla create just perfect look and scent of rich chocolate while pampering your body. Perfect to indulge in luxury home spa treatment.

V Celeste Ultimate Luxury Pink Himalayan Bath Salts with Rose & Jasmine.

In fact there are much more then just Rose and Jasmine. Pink Himalayan Salt is mined from ancient sea beds inside the Himalayan mountains. It is completely unrefined and comes to you in its raw, natural form. This salt was formed over 200 million years ago in the primeval sea where the first signs of life formed in the mineral rich water. Because of its location and how it was formed it is extremely pure and free of contaminants or pollutants. It's gains are pink color from the high content of Iron. It also contains trace amounts of 84 minerals and elements including Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Iodine, Zinc and Sodium. Himalayan salt has long been used in warm water as a holistic treatment for poor circulation, high blood pressure, dry, damaged or irritated skin, muscle soreness, joint pain and for detoxification. Pure luxury of relaxation and detoxification is combined with the highest level of aromatherapy, using proprietary blend of rarest essential oils, like Moldovian Rose, Rose Damask, Rose Moroc, Bulgarian Rose, Frankincense, Jasmine Sambac and Jasmine Grandiflorum... and rose petals. All the luxury essential oils that are commonly used in high end natural perfumery.

V Lunari Velvet Silk Body Butter.

This rich, silky velvet and luxurious body butter will, sure, make you feel like a celebrity. Rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals it boosts levels of collagen and elastin to promote skin's elasticity and suppleness, strength and firmness. Unique formula increases circulation, cell hydration, repairs and tones the skin. A light moisture-retaining film protects the skin against external effects such as UV radiation, the climate, dehydration and pollution. This creme is made up of a powerful blend of antioxidants that fight against skin damage and prevents loss of elasticity and firmness. Reishi Mushroom Extract has the capability to increase cell turnover and collagen synthesis, improve firmness and hydration, and reduce appearance of fine lines and scars... Silk Amino Acids (18 types) aid in moisture loss, cellular renewal and collagen production as well as support cell energy giving you silky velvet, smooth glowing skin. Delicious aroma of proprietary essential oil blend of rare high end oils like Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood and White Lotus with uplifting citrus oils will give you almost hypnotic effect and, make you feel like a star.
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All the above mentioned products are Limited Edition and can be purchased here.

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