Saturday, November 15, 2008

New invention Clip'n'Sleep Bling Sling

Wearing My “Clip'n'Sleep” sling began while running around in my Florida condo, between my drawing board of inventor-designer multitasker new mom and my crying newborn son. After I discovered that I can not accomplish both tasks at the same time to the blissful satisfactory of both, I’ve searched the internet and purchased quite pricey sling from one of the sling designers. (Oh yes, I like pretty and sometimes expensive things… and my baby is worth it.) Part of the problem was solved. I had free hands and my little man was blissfully and happily sleeping by my heart. It was like magic touch, he was falling asleep in it literally 2 minutes after getting in it. What a great invention of humanity, I thought….. till I faced a problem. How do I get a sleeping baby out of the tight sling without waking him up??? That was not possible. He would wake up every time and I would have to put him right back in to avoid any crying moments. There was a flaw in the design which I was determined to solve. And I did!!!
That’s how Clip'n'Sleep Couture Bling Bling Sling was born. Yes, it's a little wordy, but truly it involves all that. It's a beautiful functional and practical design, a fashion item and an accesory adorned with Swarovski Crystals, and even your Baby's Name and footprints. It's a keepsake after all. It’s design involves a couple of heavy duty but luxury looking snap-rings that could be click-open and sling can be detached and taken off without yanking the baby out and waking him up. It takes one hand to take the sling off and relocate the baby to his/her bed still having a portion of the sling around him surving as a blanket. I’ve tested it numerous times and IT WORKS!!! Voila!!!
Being a fashionista myself, I wanted it to look beautiful too, so my slings are made from luxury and soft, naturaly shiny, Dupioni Silk in various beautiful colors as well as can be customized, as I mentioned, with YOUR baby’s name on it, YOUR baby’s foot prints and Swarovski Crystals. Anything else you can add to the pure luxury??? Let me know.
Each sling has matching attachable to the sling little pouch, where you can put your cell phone, keys, pacifier, diaper or anything else you might need. It also can be customized. You can order it separately if you wish to.

Some of my friends got lucky to receive the Clip'n'Sleep sling as a gift and it instantly became a hit. That’s how Clip'n'Sleep sling was added to my Sweetsation Therapy line of luxury products.

Other moms who saw the sling started asking where they could get one. Today Clip'n'Sleep slings are found online and in a growing number of stores all over the country.

Patent Pending
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