Monday, June 8, 2009

What "LOVE" smells like. Contest!!!

Love... What is it? I know for a fact that I love my baby more then anything in this world, much more then it is even possible to describe with words. But can it be described with a smell?
Usually I work on our skin care products with my team but this time we've decided to engage our customers to design a "smell" for our new product. It is going to be a lotion for Baby and Mom at the same time, soft and gentle, hydrating and protecting, lotion called "Love Lotion N9". So we need your help and input in describing what "Love" smells like, to you, in terms of "ingredients" that can be incorporated into a bottle and manufactured using natural source. Can it be chocolate?... Perhaps Roses? Maybe a mix of both? Well, at least that's how I would describe my love.... Maybe your love is fruity...? Let us know.

I know this task sounds a bit tough. But the reward is worth it. All you have to do is:

1. Post your comment here, below this post and describe your "love smell". There will be two winners. One winner will be chosen randomly, so everyone has a fair chance. What smell we will go with, will depend on number of responses/ choices and complexity of creation of that smell. But the winner of the winning "smell" will receive a full size of "Love Lotion N9" when it comes out. The random chosen winner will receive a product of their choice from our skin care line.

2. The winner will be posted on this blog - so please follow, as well as will be notified personally.
Contest is open to everyone and will run till December 31st, 2009.
The winners will be notified after that date.

Good luck!



  1. This sounds fun! This might sound weird, but when I think of love, I think of newborn baby head smell. That sweet-ish musty only a newborn can have smell. I love it.

  2. I believe a fresh scent of the tropics would be interesting. It may remind of a honeymoon or vacation spent in the Carribean.

  3. When I think of love I think of the smell of a baby's breathe. lol. The hint of milk on their breathe is a smell I love UNTIL they start getting teeth...Then oh no no no.

  4. That's too funny. I love it. It would be a little problematic to translate it into an "ingredient" but it's definitely a food for

  5. I was just thinking about something like chocolate with a hint of rose and lilac.....
    How does that sound?

  6. Since you already have Yummi Tummi with chocolate, maybe it would be great to do a chocolate compliment for Mommy. I've tried a sample of Yummi Tummi and it lasted most of the day. What a chocolate fix with the calories!!!! I have had many ladies comment on how great and yummi Yummi Tummi smells.

  7. Thanks Pat, I will entertain this idea. Yummi*Tummi is one of my bestsellers. It's truly delicious.


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