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How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy.

For many women? especially for those who favor bikinis? pregnancy stretch marks are probably even more to be dreaded than flabby thighs. Nevertheless, 90% of all women will develop pink or reddish, slightly indented, sometimes itchy streaks on their abdomen, hips and/or breasts, sometime during pregnancy. Pregnancy Stretch marks, also called striae distensae, occur most frequently on the abdomen, but some women also get them on the breasts, buttocks or even thighs.

Stretch marks usually occur in the dermis, or elastic mid-layer of the skin. Repeated or sudden stretching of this layer causes a breakdown of the tissue, leaving behind bad looking scar tissue. Stretch marks usually occur during mid- to late pregnancy. As their name implies, Scar tissue that forms when the normal elasticity of the skin can't really keep up with the stretching required during pregnancy is called stretch marks. Stretch marks are generally due to a large and/or rapid increase in weight.

Mothers-to-be whose skin tone is good and elastic either because of heredity or because they have maintained years of healthy nutrition and positive exercise habits may go through one or more pregnancies without any striations. Others, by keeping weight gain gradual, moderate and steady may be able to minimize and possibly prevent stretch marks .

Prevention goes a long way. Things to try.

Be sure that your diet contains adequate sources of the nutrients needed for healthy skin. Remember, stretch marks can result from nutritional internal deficiency as well as external. Be sure to consume foods that promote skin health. Eat plenty of zinc-rich foods such as fish and nuts. Foods like carrots, milk and citrus fruits are high in vitamins C, D, and A. Choose 2-3 servings daily of protein-rich foods such as eggs. Sufficient protein is essential.

Promoting the elasticity of your skin by nourishing it with good diet and nutritional choices may help. Do you remember mother telling you to drink lots of water? It's important for the health of your baby and can help keep your skin supple and more unlikely to develop stretch marks. Caffeine will increase your risk of developing stretch marks, it's diuretic. If you must drink caffeine drinks, tea or coffee, make sure your water intake matches or exceed your caffeinated drink intake.

How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Some pregnancy stretch mark creams are definitely better than others. But no cream, lotion, or oil, no matter how expensive, will guarantee to prevent or remove stretch marks.

Keeping your skin soft, supple and hydrated may prevent appearance of stretch marks in the first place and it might help to minimize them, if you already have them. Some women find that cocoa butter helps keep the skin soft. But for the purpose of prevention it may not be enough. There are a large selection of lotions and potions on the market that promise to prevent stretch marks but if you look on the ingredient label, you often see that the product doesn't posses the ingredients that would actually improve skin's elasticity and strength.

If you do develop stretch marks during pregnancy, you can console yourself with the knowledge that they will gradually fade to a silvery sheen lines a few months after delivery. Just look upon this marks not as a disfigurement but the badge of honor for mothers..

After the pregnancy, when the stretch marks have faded, some women choose to visit a cosmetic or laser surgeon who may select micro-dermabrasion or chemical peels to reduce the unsightly scars. Recent developments in laser techniques have offered hope for those who choose to have the scars permanently removed. It can be costly, so putting your best efforts into prevention might be your best shot that you will not regret about. Choose your pregnancy stretch mark products carefully for the best results. Look for ingredients like: Shea, Avocado, Carrot, Macadamia, Rosehip, Wheat Germ, Borage, Reishi and Tamanu, they all work wonders in "feeding" your skin with all the nutrients it needs to be in best condition to win the battle against stretch marks. Sweetsation Therapy's Ellasti*Belly Organic Stretch Mark Miracle oil (pictured here) contains all of the ingredients listed above and more. It's toxin-free, chemical-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free.


  1. I've been using the Mama Mia Kit and LOVE it! I'm 9 mos (having baby in 9 days) and looking good! The lotions were also the only ones I used that didn't cause me to break out in a rash. I will definitely use them with my next pregnancy too!

  2. That's awesome Sarah. We are delighted to hear feedback from our customers and super satisfied to hear that our products are loved and work indeed. That's the whole point isn't it.
    Congratulations on the arrival of your little bundle of joy. You will love to be a mom. And check out our baby products when you get a chance.

  3. Just wanna ask if this product really works. Because I am kinda hesitant to use any product that has to do with strech marks because of my previous experience with Palmers. We together with other women filed a class action lawsuit against Palmer. Just want to inform you and other women who read your blogs, if someone you know has the same experience tell them to visit palmerssettlement dot com. Thanks!

  4. Sandra. Thank you for your comment. Stretch mark creams and oils are designed to improve condition and elasticity of your skin and help your skin resist breakage, while stretching, that leads to appearance of stretch marks. Whether you will get stretch marks or not also depends on overall condition of your skin and many factors - your general health, diet, hydration, age and hereditary. So relying on application of the creams alone is not enough. Whether Palmers products work or not, it's hard to tell or prove. I am sure results vary on different people. It's easier to prevent then "remove". And I am surprised that anyone still falls for the advertisement that topical cream can "remove" stretch marks. Unfortunately nothing, short of laser treatment, will remove them. Even then, I don't know anyone who had it done, so even laser is debatable. There is no company on the market that will GUARANTEE you any particular results, that's why it is advertised as the product "can" or "may" prevent or reduce, not "will" and "guaranteed".
    As for Palmer's stretch mark products, I would probably sue them myself for using chemicals and toxins like Parabens, fragrances, propylene glycol and PEG compounds in their pregnancy products.


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