Thursday, December 24, 2009

Looking for a perfect personalized gift for your children? A keepsake?

Well, you've found it. As a mom, I always look for unusual and unique products for my baby and this is one that I have found recently that to my opinion is the most unique from many alternatives that are offered today.

I would like to introduce you to LIttle Wonder Company. It is a brand new company that creates a unique kind of customized children's books. What is different is that the child is actually illustrated into his or her own book based on choices that the customer makes online. The end product is a personalized storybook adventure where the child is the star in both name and illustration. The best part is when the child sees him or herself in the book! They are drawn right into reading and enjoying the adventure. It makes him/her feel like a Super Hero they always wanted to be. Each book has a hard cover, is full color and high quality and makes a memorable and meaningful gift. A keepsake forever.

Check it out at

From the various options you can create a character that resembles your child the most accurately. I had a little fun with it myself, even though I am far from being a child. Well, appearance-wise, at least.

Here you can see the result. Prety close, isn't it?

It would make a perfect gift for any child, yours or friend's. Very impressive indeed. So, keep Little Wonder Company in mind when you need to surprise a little Super Hero wannabe. And visit their site to play with the characters and create your very own book.

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