Tuesday, February 2, 2010

GIVEAWAY Otter Love is in the Air (Smells Like Troll Spirit!) - with Sweetsation products

Whoever said warts weren’t romantic? Diaper Troll is nothing if not romantic. There wouldn’t be four Troll offspring if she weren’t a sucker for amorĂ©. And so to celebrate the holiday which (let’s face it) frequently results in the need for diapers, she is spreading some Otter Love by announcing the First Ever Otter Babies Valentine Giveaway!

What every She-Troll needs:

  • A Booroi wipes bag filled with:
  • Valentine Rainbow Wipes in crimson and chocolate bamboo velour and natural organic cotton sherpa
  • LuSa organic goat’s milk soap
  • Scrumptious organic bath and body treats from Sweetsation Therapy that nourish your body and soul and are safe for mom and baby (and cloth diapers)!

How to enter: Follow this link.

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