Monday, February 8, 2010

Want a sexy body?

Sex and love is a game of attraction, and you can’t expect to get many dates, and that too good ones, if you don’t look sexy. For the face you can go the easy way and use some cosmetics to add in a sexy touch. But looking sexy isn’t just about working on your face or your clothing, because what makes you really sexy is your body. And turning your body into a sexy one is one hard job, although not unachievable.

A woman may not be great looking, but if she has long and slender legs, a slim waistline, snug breasts and visible collar bones, she is sure to make a lot of heads turn. Most men just can’t ignore women with good bodies.

Forget dieting

Dieting can be an option to slimming down, but remember that being all skin and bones isn’t counted as sexy. What you need is a well toned body with ample bulk around where it is needed, that is the breasts and the buttocks. Simply sticking to dieting will result in loosing fat all over, including loosing on the breasts. And worst of all, dieting takes away the glow from your skin.
Exercising is the answer

If you seriously want a well toned and sexy body, exercising is the only way to go. Eat healthy, don’t cut down too much on your food, and stick to a regular workout. Here are the areas that you need to target, to achieve a sexy body.

• To trim down your waist get on to the treadmill, and if you’re willing for more try crunches to add more definition to your mid line.

• To tone up the leg muscles and the buttocks, try the elliptical trainer and squats.

• For well toned and larger breasts, nothing will work as good as the bench press. You don’t have to pick up heavy weights, like men, to develop your breasts. Even mild weights, something around ten pounds, is quite enough. Alternatively inclined pushups can also help. The idea is to tone up the underlying chest muscles which support the breasts, because breasts do not have any muscles and there is no way to work them out.

• For better shoulder definition and to make your collar bones prominent, try shoulder rows and shoulder press.

So if you’re serious about turning your body into a sexy body, then you must have understood by now that exercising is the only way out.

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