Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Moisturisers linked to Cancer. Baby creams among them.

I've stumbelled into this article and thought that it contains an important information that mothers would want to know. I can't testify whether it is true or not, but as we say - betther safe then sorry. Vanicream was recommended to my son by our pediatrician for skin irritations, at some point. Thankfully it didn't do much so I didn't use it a lot on him. Source of the article is CosmeticsDesign web site.

"A study that suggested common moisturisers may increase the rate of tumour formation in mice with a high skin cancer risk has provoked a storm within the industry.
The research, originally published online and covered by CosmeticsDesign in August, appears in this month’s Journal of Investigative Dermatology along with some fierce criticisms from the manufacturers of the creams.
Original study Run by scientists at Rutgers State University of New Jersey, the study concluded that applying a number of commercially available moisturising creams (Dermabase, Dermovan, Eucerin or Vanicream) to the skin of mice pre-treated with UVB (to make them high risk for skin cancer) increased the rate of tumour formation. "
To read full article click here.

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