Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stretch Marks. Will I get them...will I not...???

There are a lot of controversy going on about stretch marks and where they are coming from and why. Truth is, that we don't like them, we don't want to get them and we would do anything to prevent them. There are a ton of creams and oils on the market promising us to prevent them or to get rid of existing ones.There are a lot of creams and remedies for stretch marks and all of them, I am sure, work to various degree. However please don't forget that getting stretch marks or not doesn't depend only on heredetary. This"science" is not cut in stone. It also depends on your age, conditionof your skin, your diet, hydration and even the place where you live and climate. As you get older you are more likely to get them since elasticity and hydration of your skin deminishes. This is why it is imperative to religiously apply rich lotions, butters, oils and creams on your belly, tights and breasts. Yes, everywhere!!! A lot of women complain that they don't work. I am sure some work better and some less, but the main issue is that most of the women just don't apply enough (3-4 times per day, as usualy says on the label). And not often enough. If you're experiencing an itch - it'a already too late(your skin is depleated). If your skin had enough mosture and oils on it - it would not itch in the first place. Don't forget about the diet too, a lot of nutrients come from within. So if you don't put it in there, it will not be coming. Fish is particularly rich with Omega fatty acids, especially salmon, that are super important for not only your skin but development of your baby too. And last, but not least.... stretchmarks are NOT heredetary! Don't forget that there is also a father involved into making you. So you can't rely on the idea that if your mother has them, you will have them too. Poor excuse for lazy... After all you may have inherited your father's genes. I am, myself, a good example of that. A bit of prevention goes a long way. Lastly, I am the owner of Sweetsation Therapy company thatspecializes in Organic and Natural Pregnancy and Baby skin care products as well as Inovative Clip'n'Sleep Baby Carriers (slings). Our Stretch mark previntion products Ellasti*Belly Miracle Caviar and Oil have more then enough prevention, containing 30+ elasticity boosting essential oils and marine extracts. There is no product on the market that would combine in itself that many ingredients in one jar. And it is an ORGANIC. I am not going to make just empty promises about how wonderful they are, everyone can try them for themselves. We offer Trial Sizes and Samples as well as a lot of giveways and Promotions.

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Happy pregnancies to all!!!

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