Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Care for your skin...poisonously. Love, CHANEL

This is going to be a rant of a pregnant woman, so if you absolutely and utterly in love with CHANEL, please don't read this.

As an owner of Sweetsation Therapy we do care about the health of humans. We strive to promote healthy skin caring and choose to use only organic and natural ingredients. I do my extensive researches every day. So it's needless to say that I was aware that Department Store cosmetic brands are... well, how it is nicer to say.., not very healthy from living green standpoint, but what I discovered today was a bit heavier then I thought. And I am talking about somebody's (not mine) beloved brand CHANEL. Not only it is not natural - it is a complete poison. The product I've picked to rant about is the most poisonous of all- CHANEL Radiance Energizing Lotion. It scores 9 out of 10 on Toxicity table, but hey, it smells nice and it's pink....aaaaah . There is absolutely nothing natural about it. Just a bunch of smelling good chemicals that consultant at the counter, with a smile, tells you that it will do miracles to your skin. It has all the "kaka" that companies like mine wouldn't touch even with a stick, and we are talking about: phthalates, fragrance, parabens and sulfates, ..everything that's been linked to cancer, cellular changes, allergies, reproductive toxocity, all in the same bottle.

Have fun researching about your favorite brands by clicking this link.

So why do we pay such an ungodly amount of money for this??? To the company that is big and rich enough to improve it's skin care, but it wouldn't. Why? Because it's more expensive to use natural ingredients. Why to bother? People will buy the "label" anyway. But what we are paying for is for their advertisement that's cost millions, to stay in front of our faces forever. Forever buy their poisonous concoctions in the bottle. Not sure how about you, but it makes me sick.

I think it's about time to start paying attention on the ingredient label of the Cosmetic Giants and stop paying for their advertisement by buying toxic cosmetics - because it this case you are paying twice (with your health).

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