Friday, October 16, 2009

Sweetsation Therapy Products Review by BlessedBarnharts

Most women nowadays are becoming more and more choosy about what they put on there bodies as well as their children's. When I was pregnant I wanted to only put the most natural products on my skin and that has carried on with me. I try to only use natural ingredients on my boys as well as me. I figure if my skin cells are going to be absorbing all sorts of ingredients why not make them be good for you?

Sweetsations has all the products a woman needs to help her feel safe about what she puts on her body. The products are also really great for women of any age. They aren't just all natural lotions. They have everything you need for an entire skin routine as well as anti- aging products. Night creams, baby products, and even organic baby carriers!

Sweetsation Therapy was born in 2008, with the collaboration of two of the USA based labs and a team of chemists, aromatherapists and dermatologists. Our products are Organic and natural treatments that look great, feel great and smell great, and therefore make you feel good. We've combined the best gifts of earth and ocean in our skin care. Aromatherapy elements nourish your body and soul. And most importantly our products are safe for mom and baby. Did you know that everything that is applied on our skin, the largest organ, ultimately ends up in your bloodstream? Consequently, we pass it on to our developing baby. .Each ingredient was thoroughly researched and checked against Cosmetic Safety Database and verified, that it's safe to use for pregnancy while delivering desirable results.

For review I received two amazing items. The first is the Organic Aqua*Tica Botanical Night Cream. I love it. This stuff has real caviar extract! How luxurious is that? I love all the moisture it gives my skin before bedtime. Especially since winter is here and my skin is all dried up.

The other item I tried is the Organic Ellasti*Body Hydrating Caviar Butter. This stuff really rocks! It has all the vitamins and minerals and essential Omega fatty acids that my body needs along with essential oils that smell so great! It has a really nice citrus scent to it and helps lock in the moisture after a warm bath.
Sweetsation Therapy has so many cool items you have to check them out for yourself. To view the entire line please visit

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